Location: Pittsburgh, PA 8/21/15/-8/25/15

JJ and Kyle Tucker working on his Camaro

Beautiful weather and even more beautiful cars is the norm for the Goodguys Meguiar’s 15th Del Mar Nationals. The autocross event, and its drivers, have reached celebrity status as security is required to keep the huge crowd clear for competitors to enter and exit the track.
As the event grows, it continues to attract big names in the industry. This weekend we got to witness Chip Foose run his first-ever autocross laps. I’m pretty sure he’s hooked and we’ll be seeing more of him at future events. No strangers to autocross, Robby Unser and Al Unser, Jr. were also on-hand. Having notables like Chip Foose and the Unsers adds to the autocross popularity.

JJ with Pro Class winner Mike Maier.

JJ with Street Machine Class winner Jake Rozelle

It was an impressive weekend for Ultimate Performance as its drivers
swept the podium in the Pro Class, took three of the top four positions in
the Street Machine Class and won All American Sunday. Important to Note: With his win in the Street Machine Class, Jake Rozelle is now eligible to compete in the Goodguys Pro Class.

Pro Class
P1: Mike Maier
P2: Brian Hobaugh
P3: Kyle Tucker

Street Machine Class
P1: Jake Rozelle
P3: Matt Alcala
P4: Brianne Maier

All American Sunday
P1: Kyle Tucker