Location: Pittsburgh, PA 8/21/15/-8/25/15

JJ making adjustments to Rich Gregory’s Camaro during the Friday track cross.

This year Pittsburgh, PA played host to the Ohio Muscle Car Challenge. The sold out event had a diverse mix of makes and models across two classes (Early Model and Late Model). Besides the strong contingent of Ultimate Performance drivers, JJ was able to work with a number of new drivers providing suspension adjustments to help them all go faster.

In the Early Model Class Brian Finch took top honors in all three events (track cross, road race and autocross) and was named Grand Champion followed closely by Larry Woo who finished second overall. Bryan Johnson and Chris Jacobs battled throughout the weekend, both finishing in the top three in all events. In the end, Bryan Johnson was named Grand Champion for the Late Model Class followed by Chris Jacobs and Donny Freise; an Ultimate Performance sweep of the podium.

JJ keeping an eye on Larry Woo as he heads out for another autocross run.

Chris Jacobs, Donny Freise and Bryan Johnson swept the podium for the autocross event in the Late Model Class.

Early Model Class Overall Results 
P1: Brian Finch
P2: Larry Woo
P5: Rich Gregory
P11: Scott Knick
P15: Bob Bertelsen
P17: Tony Ramos
P21: Lynda Jacobs

Late Model Class Overall Results
P1: Bryan Johnson
P2: Chris Jacobs
P3: Donny Freise
P6: Angela Freise
P9: John Kundrat
Thank you for the continued support and congratulations to all of the Ultimate Performance drivers.