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The Ultimate Performance Viper coilover shocks are the ultimate double adjustable coilover suspension package for Dodge Vipers.  The Ultimate Performance Viper coilover shocks give you the stance you have always wanted, and complementing the stance with superior handling. Whether you are trying to apply all of that power off the line at the drag strip or drive faster through the corners on a winding road or the track, this package will give you what you need and more. UP custom valves JRi Shocks, specifically tuning them to compliment the horsepower for your Dodge Viper.  JRi Shocks are race proven dampers, utilizing the same racing technology for your performance car.  These nitrogen charged, mono tube, double adjustable shocks provide superior handling and performance to your ride.

The front and rear shocks are direct bolt in pieces utilizing Hyperco springs.  The Hyperco springs eliminate spring sagging and the need to re-adjust ride height and corner weights.  The use of thrust washers will maximize grip by taking the friction out of the springs as they compress.  We reuse the stock, rear lower fork, which threads directly onto the JRi shock body cap.  The JRi Shocks provide the largest range of adjustment on the market.  This adjustment range is ideal for tuning your shocks to the track and any track condition.

The UP Viper Shocks have been track tested and finely tuned for both autocross and road racing.   With their large adjustment range, one set of shocks allows you to easily change your cars shock set up from track or to autcross and vice versa, and they can be finely tuned and/or adjusted for different handling characteristics and track conditions.  This adjustment range also allows for spring changes without needing to revalve the shocks.

Viper Shocks available for 3rd generation and 4th generation Dodge Vipers.

Made in America.

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Weight 48 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 14 × 13 in

2008-2010, 2011-Present


Road Racing/AutoX, Drag