CONCORD, NC – Ultimate Performance has released their new double adjustable coilover suspension upgrade kit developed specifically for the 2005-present Dodge Charger and Challenger.

Performance enthusiasts are now able to upgrade their front and rear shock suspension for improved handling and increased adjustability. Whether putting the power down on the drag strip or taking on the most demanding road course, specific shock valving and spring rates are available to complement your driving style and application.

Manufactured and assembled in the USA, the TunedUP Challenger/Charger Kit features race-proven JRi Shocks and Hyperco Springs. Rounding off this winning upgrade combination are custom upper and lower mounting brackets that were expertly designed by Ultimate Performance and precision-built by Earnhardt Technology Group.


The TunedUP Difference

The UP-built front upper and lower mounts have an FK Teflon-lined bearing to reduce friction and eliminate bind throughout suspension travel. The JRi shock body threads into the lower clevis housing enabling ride height adjustment without having to adjust the coil springs. For easy access, both adjusters are located at the top of the shocks inside the engine compartment.

The rear shocks no longer run the stock divorced shock and spring package. They have been converted to a true eyelet-to-eyelet coilovers, which keeps the shock and spring running with the same motion ratio. The stock upper mount has been replaced with an aluminum mounting plate and clevis. A clevis eliminates bind throughout the suspension and reduces friction by utilizing a high misalignment Teflon-lined bearing for maximum articulation. Lastly, a raised spring perch allows for optimal half-shaft clearance.

The front and rear shocks utilize direct bolt-in pieces and Hyperco springs that eliminate spring sagging, and the need to readjust ride height and corner weights. The use of thrust washers maximize grip by taking the friction out of the springs as they compress.

The new Ultimate Performance coilover suspension package can be purchased by calling (980) 258-4856 or through Steve White Motors.


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